Friday, June 1, 2012

Now you see it; now you don't

Your Little Light Shines, a quantum physics look at the bible helps you to change your perspective and perhaps your behavior because from a quantum physics point of view, it helps you recall that what you think you have been looking at all along, you really may not have seen.

Over the holiday weekend, after a press release was sent out, the website received a large number of views from Because I was not familiar with, my curiosity caused me to investigate. The full name of the website was Of course, you can imagine my concern when after the release, the website to promote a Christian book received all these visits from atheists. I first saw it as a world-wide, organized effort. There were views from England, Switzerland, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Spain, etc. But the views only lasted for a few seconds. I thought I was being surrounded by spiritual forces and called my friend for prayer. Later that restless night, I got up to really investigate reddit.

Apparently, it is a very popular social news website where after someone submits content (the press release), the other users vote the submission up or down. The votes determine the submission's (the press release) position on the reddit site's pages. Submissions with the most "up" votes are posted on the front page. There are thousands of sub-reddits including world news, videos, science, movies, and alas, atheism. There is even a Christian reddit.

So what I first saw as one thing, with additional information, I could look at it in a different light and finally get a good night's sleep.