Thursday, April 11, 2013

A father's voice

I really love that quantum physics makes you aware of what you think you are looking at, you really may not see. It enables you to more readily change your thoughts and beliefs and therefore, your behavior.

A hole was drilled in the center of Your Little Light Shines to remind you, as you read, to look at things from a different perspective. For example, when you speak, you think words simply come out of your mouth. What if you change your thoughts to truly understand that when you speak, the vibrations of your vocal cords produce sound waves. All waves are rhythmic disturbances that transfer energy through space or matter. Sounds (your words) are waves (rhythmic disturbances) that move (transfer energy) through air, water, steel, skin, or other materials (matter).

Layer this understanding over information from Verny's book, The Secret Life of the Unborn Child, that reports a child can hear in utero (in the womb). There is scientific evidence that hearing his father's voice makes a big emotional difference. "In cases where a man talked to his child in utero using short soothing words, the newborn was able to pick out his father's voice in a room even in the first hour or two of life. More than pick it out, he responds to it emotionally. If he's crying, for instance, he'll stop. That familiar, soothing sound tells him he is safe. (p. 51)"

Layer this information over another tidbit from Verny's book (p. 67), "On some level all emotional conflicts grow out of memories, whether the recollections are conscious ones or, as is more often the case, unconscious. … All of us have lost memories that from their hiding place—the unconscious—can exert a powerful influence over our lives."

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