Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Right in front of you and you didn't notice

In the beginning (forward) of Your Little Light Shines, I talked about subliminal messages. Toward the end of the book, I pleaded with you to turn off your cell phones, computers, etc. and spend some alone time with God. During one of the book club discussions, someone suggested I read the book Brainwashed by Tom Burrell. I thought what better person to talk about subliminal messages than the (retired, Advertising Hall of Fame inductee) founder of an advertising agency.

I ordered the book from and when the book was delivered, I was busy with something else so I just opened the package and put it on the living room table—but not before I noticed and admired the high gloss finish on the cover. The next day or so, I noticed, from a certain angle, what appeared to be smears running across the cover. I thought to myself that must have happened when the printer put on the high gloss finish; maybe it didn't dry enough.

The book had been sitting on the table for several days before I noticed that what I thought were smears were actually words that had been screened transparent and placed over the image of the face that took up the entire cover.

What a tremendous example of subliminal messaging. Well done!

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