Saturday, April 27, 2013

Twenty-somethings are right

Ever see someone reading a newspaper and the headlines catch your attention; you're trying to read their newspaper while they hold the paper up? That happened to me yesterday at the car wash. When the lady put her paper away, I couldn't help but ask her if I could take a look at it. She gladly said yes, and told me I could keep the paper.

After I finished reading the topic of interest, I noticed a little human interest story about a boy on a skateboard who whizzed into the street and nearly collided with a car. It seems the boy was in a hurry to get home to tell his mom that he had finally made the honor roll after struggling with math for two years. He attributed his success to the Luminosity website where he practiced the memory games everyday. On the last blog (April 24th), I spoke about the Jose, the MIT student who said that young people are involved in self-learning because of the internet.
What a wonderful example!

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